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Albatross, an American company, has chartered yachts in the Mediterranean since 1982. We bring together those special, tranquil and exciting aspects of sailing with the many faceted beauty of the Eastern Mediterranean. the splendor, charm, serenity, archeological and cultural diversity, and above all, the friendliness of the people who have inherited the spirit of sailing from their ancient mariner ancestors. We are regularly listed in many sailing publications and travel magazines , including Cruising World, Sail, Latitude 38, New York Sunday Times, Ritz Carlton Hotel's “What makes it Great”...

The Mediterranean Sea is the world's ideal sailing location; breathtaking scenery, and an ideal sunny climate with constant moderate winds and unlimited visibility. Not only are there no reefs and shallows to worry about, but there are unlimited isolated coves and bays where you can see your anchor 30 feet down in crystal-clear waters; perfect for a refreshing swim. Everything that makes sailing in the Mediterranean truly memorable.

Albatross and its affiliates maintain offices in the USA (New Jersey) and in Italy ( Procida, Palermo, Corsica, Sardinia), Croatia (Rovin, Pula, Trogir, Dubrovnik), Greece Athens, Lefkas, Paros) and Turkey (Marmaris, Bodrum). Our New Jersey office are opened during the normal business hours with Fax and email access 24 hours a day. Our yacht charter base offices are opened during normal business hours for normal operation and also have 24 hour per day emergency contacts.

Charter Planning

The selection of the boat and planning your Eastern Mediterranean waters charter is be a part of the fun of your sailing with Albatross. We provide you the information, then work with you to finalize the details. From there the excitement and anticipation of your charter begins. We also know that usually one person is selected to arrange the charter for a group. Albatross will assist you to make all the necessary arrangements; air travel, hotels, itineraries to choose, and the many other questions that come up. Here is a brief outline of what you should consider when planning your sailing vacation:

Which yacht to charter?

  • Decide who will sail along with you. Will they be couples, singles, mixed children? This will assist you in your selection.
  • What type and length of boat do you want ? Sailboat, Motor Sailer, Motor Yacht.
  • How long do you wish to sail and how much time for land touring? This will help arrange your itinerary to get the most out of your vacation.
  • Cost: It is wise to set a budget for your charter. As costs are directly affected by the size & type of boat and the length of time of your vacation.
  • Sailing plan. Do you or others in your party have a must see list of places so you can begin to think about the departure and return points of your charter boat.

  • A Special Word For Value Minded Charterers:

    Boat operating costs that you pay for, are the fuel and water used, and any port fees that may be collected by the islands port authorities.

    Yacht selection

    Sailboats 31' to 61' "Bareboat" or with an English speaking skipper and/or cook. These boats are available in our bases throughout our Eastern Med bases. They are built and designed by some of the best boat builders in the world . Our fleet of boats includes Jeanneau, Beneteau, Kirie Feelings, Bavaria, Dehler, Dufour, Van De Stadt, Atlantic, Catalina, and others. Your budget, and accommodations needs will guide us to recommend the one boat at the best rate.

    Bareboat or Hire a Skipper

    Sailboats that have an overall length of 32 ft. to 60 ft are available for bareboat on crewed charters. These sail boats can be chartered without a hired skipper or can be hired with a skipper. If you and at least one of your crewmates have sailing licenses or certifications, or can provide references of sailing proficiency to skipper your own boat of the size you plan to charter, you can be your own skipper. You should consider hiring a skipper for your charter if either you do not have the experience yourself or if you want to sail the boat but not take on the responsibility of the charter. One reason very experienced captains take on a skipper is the local knowledge of the sailing conditions as well as the knowledge of the best places to see along your sailing itinerary.

    Luxury Fully Crewed Power and Sailing Yachts in the Eastern Mediterranean from 65 to 190 feet. These yachts can accommodate 2 to 50 guests. Emphasis is on luxury ! These yachts have a permanent crew of captain, cook, first mate, (or more depending upon the boat's size and needs), highly qualified, friendly professionals . In Turkey, we also have a number of the traditional wood hull sailing vessels called GULETS, which were once used for distant voyages or fishing in the Aegean.

    Service and Information

    Albatross' staff takes the time and makes the effort to give you personal, knowledgeable service in planning your sailing vacation in Greece, from the time you leave your home until the time you return.

    Personally sailing these waters every year, we know the islands and ports that we recommend. Therefore, our charterers receive the most current information on where to go to find the sailing holiday best suited for them. Night life, archeology, pristine waters and quiet coves, small quiet islands or those sought after by the jet set, let Albatross guide you.

    A 45 min. Color video "...Sailing the Greek islands with Albatross..." is available if you want to get a glimpse of what it's like to sail the Aegean. Send a check for $30.00 & $3.00 postage. We will return the $30.00 & $3.00 postage when you return the video or credit it towards the charter you book.

    "Yasas!" Hello, Goodbye!

    Tim Monsul, President
    Albatross Private Yacht Chartering Club

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