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Tips on how to pick just the right yacht for your sailing vacation

There are many types and sizes of yachts to choose from. These fall mainly into three categories: Sailing yachts, and Motor sailers (which are motor driven but have a full complement of sails), and Motor yachts. Whichever yacht you select, you can be sure, we will give you the very best rates.

As you select the type of yacht that best suits you and your guests, I suggest you consider the following:

Size of yacht: First decide on the number of people who will be accompanying you, as this determines the sleeping quarters you will require. On our website, look under “Yacht Listing” for a quick summary of cabins and bath facilities, crew, etc. then click on the one that seems to fit your preferences. As a rule, larger yachts offer more lounging space and smoother sailing. Personal comfort is a factor for many people, particularly on long trips.

Purpose of charter: Yachts can be charted for various purposes -- vacations, business outings, incentives, cultural and touring ancient sites, filming, and research. How you plan to use your boat should influence the type and size of boat you choose.

Itinerary, Time and Distance: How much time do you wish to spend cruising and how much time at the destination islands? How far will you travel? Depending upon your itinerary, you may choose either a motor yacht or a sailing yacht. A motor yacht may travel further in less time than a sailing yacht. A sailing yacht may be more advantageous for island hopping and exploring hidden coves, at a more leisurely pace.

Cost: It is wise to set a budget for your charter. This will help guide you along realistic lines. Costs are directly related to the length of time you will be using the boat, the type and size of the boat, the degree of luxury desired by you and your guests prefer, the provisions and fuel required, and the size of the crew.

Desitinations: Once you have selected your yacht, check our “Destinations Page” for suggested areas and island descriptions. You can also click here Greek map to select get more information on places to visit.
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