Each sailing party should have at least two members possessing certificates of sailing competence. In the event that we are not assured that the client is suitably experienced, we reserve the right to refuse the handing over of the boat or to hire a skipper for the entire duration of the charter at the client's expense.

                                                  Charter Terms

     These are clearly outlined in the contract, which will be sent to you after your notification of interest.

     What the charter rate includes and does not include:

     Not included

  • Food and drinks
  • Diesel fuel and fresh water
  • Mooring marina and canal fees, if any
  • Crew fees
  • Clients' personal holiday insurance, if any


  • The full use of the yacht and equipment
  • Clean linen, towels, and blankets
  • Assistance from our staff at the base
  • Yachts' marine insurance

     The boat will be delivered with full diesel and fresh water tanks plus two propane bottles for the gas store. At redelivery, our clients will be expected to return the boat in the same condition or pay for any differences.

Damage Deposit

     A deposit must be left with the company prior to departure, which will be refunded at the end of the cruise provided that no damage/loss has occurred to the yacht or equipment.


     All yachts managed by Albatross are insured against the risk of liability to third parties and damage to hull, machinery, or equipment. There is a deductible provision, the amount of which is related to the size of the boat.


     Food, drink, and other provisions are conveniently obtainable on most islands, at markets near to mooring sites. Initial provisioning will be done at dockside by special delivery vehicle prior to embarkation. Because "dining out" on the islands is inexpensive, as well as entertaining, charterers are encouraged, when provisioning, to emphasize supplies for breakfast and lunch.

The skippers

     Skippers hired to man Albatross yachts have been closely associated with Albatross for many years. They are experienced sailors and are personally acquainted with the islands and waters of the entire Mediterranean. Each skipper has met strict Albatross standards for sailing ability and personal manner.

     All Albatross skippers speak fluent English, and many are conversant in other languages as well. They are excellent instructors, sociable and outgoing by nature, courteous, and always cooperative. Albatross skippers never forget their responsibility for making the charterer feel completely at home on what is, for the duration of the cruise, the charterer's yacht!

Meet some of them.

     First rate guides, deckhands, and cooks can also be engaged on Albatross yachts upon request.

Cleanness of the yachts

     The yachts will be delivered in a thoroughly clean condition. Cleaning equipment is carried on board, and we will expect the boats to be delivered back to us in the same condition.

Check-in and -out procedures

     The yachts will be ready upon client's arrival. Our staff will demonstrate and clarify all the features of the boat and will obtain departure permission from the authorities. The necessary check-out procedures will be made upon client's return by our waiting shore staff.

Bare boats charters with a skipper

     When a bare boat charter includes a hired skipper, the charterer is still responsible for the hired yacht and for fulfilling the terms of the contract. The obligations and rights of the hired skipper are described on a pamphlet which will be given to the client on request.

What to bring

  • Luggage : Duffel bags or other forms of soft luggage
  • Shoes : Soft rubber-sole shoes, boat shoes, or sandals
  • Hats : Hats with brims that offer protection against the sun
  • Medication : Specific medication used by charterers should be brought along in sufficient quantity for the total trip.
  • Suntan lotions : Light, skin-absorbing lotions and creams are preferred. Avoid oily, greasy substances that can be dangerously slippery.
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothing : Casual, comfortable clothing is best for everyday cruising. A dress-up outfit may be useful for special visits and evenings out. Include shorts, T-shirts, bathing suits, light cotton jeans and shirts, and depending on the season, a light windbreak and a sweater.
  • Audio cassettes/CD's : Cassette or CD players are standard on virtually every yacht. Bring your favorite cassettes or CD's to assure the music you prefer.

Chartering procedures

     The steps in chartering a Albatross boat are:

     1. The client chooses the type of boat desired, the exact dates for sailing, and the number of people in the sailing group.

     2. On notification of desire to charter, Albatross puts a "hold" on the boat requested, reserving it for 7 to 10 days.

     3. The client will receive a Albatross charter agreement which must be signed and returned with a specified deposit check for 50% of the charter fee, within the time indicated by Albatross.

     (During the "hold" period, the boat cannot be booked by another client. Consequently, Albatross must insist that the signed agreement and deposit be received within the time requested.)

     4. The charter is confirmed immediately upon receipt of the signed charter agreement and deposit.

     The balance of the charter fee is due at embarkation before the boat leaves the port.


     The currency unit is the Euro. Euros may be obtained at any Greek bank. You can exchange drachmas in most islands in travel agencies and hotels.


     The electricity supply in Greece is an alternating current, 220 volts, 50 cycles. Appliances for 110 or 120 volts may be operated by using step-down transformers having two separate windings which will eliminate any danger of electric shock. Before taking any major American appliances to Greece, it is advisable to check whether they can be adjusted to Greek conditions.

     There are two different dialing systems in Greece -- tone and pulse. Therefore telephone sets must be able to interchange from one to the other. Dual voltage (220/1110 volts, 50/60 hertz) power adapters are required for wireless telephone sets.

Official Greek holidays

     January 1, January 6, Lent Monday, March 25, Great Friday, Easter Monday, May 1, June 19, August 15, October 28, December 25/26.

Emergency Numbers
(Greater Athens area)

  • Tourist Police             171 (inside Athens), 210-9227777 (outside Athens)
  • Emergency (Police)  100
  • Fire                               199
  • First aid center           166
  • Hospitals                    106
  • Pharmacies               107
  • Poison control           210-7793777

Port Police Numbers



































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